News Analyst Asked To Leave Restaurant Over Political Beliefs

News Analyst Asked To Leave Restaurant Over Political Beliefs
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( – Political correctness rose to prominence in the 1980s to promote inclusive language and discourage verbal expression and behaviors marginalizing others. However, in recent years, the principle morphed into cancel culture — the practice of rejecting or attempting to shut down individuals or groups presenting opposing viewpoints. A recent example involves a restaurant asking patrons to leave over their political beliefs.

On January 21, Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell posted a tweet detailing an incident that morning at a North Miami restaurant. Caldwell explained he and some friends discussed politics over breakfast at Paradis Books and Bread earlier that morning. According to him, the owner told them they weren’t welcome at the restaurant since their views weren’t “politically aligned” with those held by the owners. “Outrageous,” he concluded.

The following day, Caldwell posted another tweet, accompanied by a short news clip on his encounter. He wrote that no one should fall victim to discrimination, regardless of their political leaning. Caldwell followed up, writing, “I was discriminated against for being a Conservative.” He concluded his post by writing the situation wasn’t “okay.”

Caldwell also appeared on “Fox and Friends Weekend” to elaborate on his experience at the restaurant. Calling the situation a “grave injustice,” he said it reminded him of a Martin Luther King Jr. quote from 1963 — “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” He ended the interview calling for an end to the pattern of targeting black conservative voices. “It needs to come to an end,” he remarked.

Paradis Books and Bread posted a different version of events on its Instagram account. Curiously, the restaurant readily admitted it told Caldwell and his friends their views “didn’t align” and advised them their language wasn’t welcome. The post also claimed the group talked about women in “degrading ways” and used “eugenics arguments” while discussing their opinion about Roe v. Wade.

USA Today reported Paradis Books and Bread decided to shutter their business temporarily after receiving a couple of “alarming messages online” and to their personal phones.

A quick review of the restaurant’s online presence confirmed it switched its Instagram page to private and added a login page to its website.

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