Newly Inaugurated Virginia GOP Administration Begins Untangling Destructive Democratic Woke Policies

Newly Inaugurated Virginia GOP Administration Begins Untangling Destructive Democratic Woke Policies

( – In 2021, Virginia did something it hadn’t done in over a decade. It elected a Republican governor. If that wasn’t pouring salt on the Democrats’ wounds, enough Biden voters cast ballots to also elect a GOP lieutenant governor, attorney general, and flip the statehouse from Blue to Red.

With gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin (R) at the top of the campaign ticket, the GOP declared if they won, they would wage a political war against the Left and restore the once-proud conservative state to its common sense roots. They are now following through on their promises to voters.

The state inaugurated elected officials on Monday, January 17, and the new trio didn’t waste any time. Gov. Youngkin signed two executive orders authorizing newly sworn-in Attorney General Jason Miyares to open investigations into woke and illegal policies by the state parole board and school districts.

Virginia GOP Wages Political War on Democratic Woke Policies

Something went very wrong under Democratic leadership from the Governor down to local school boards. State residents who voted for liberal policies suddenly found themselves living the Democratic dream. Apparently, they didn’t like it much.

For two decades, the Democratic Party has been on a fast-paced trajectory leftward in its embrace of progressivism and socialism. In their world, it’s better to protect criminal offenders than victims. Nowhere was that more evident than Virginia, which for all of its leftward march, still isn’t California or New York.

So, why are the two executive orders important?

In the case of the state parole board, the attorney general alleges that board members broke state law when they allowed murderers, rapists, and police killers out on parole without notifying the victims according to the law.

There’s more. The state parole board chair allegedly directed staff to falsify documents that exposed wrongdoing by the board, and also claimed senior officials, including the inspector general, knew about it. That’s a serious breach of trust with victims and citizens, who depend on officials to follow the law.

In the second investigation that Miyares is opening, he alleges that Loudoun County School officials covered up a sexual assault that occurred in a girl’s bathroom. The assault just weeks after the woke school board and administration officials placed a transgender school policy in effect that allowed biological boys that identified as girls to participate in girls’ sports and use girls’ bathrooms.

On June 22, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Superintendent Scott Ziegler said that a predator transgender student didn’t exist, despite the fact the incident was under investigation by law enforcement. The girl’s father was arrested and dragged out of the school board meeting when he accused the school board of covering up the violent act committed against his daughter. The family attorney said law enforcement charged the transgender student with four felony counts relating to the attack.

The Loudoun County school board meeting incident led to the now-famous National School Boards Association letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland. The association wrote it in collaboration with the White House, and it declared parents as domestic terrorists who emotionally questioned school boards.

Voters Can Expect the GOP to Stand Up for Them Across the Country

Voters were clearly upset and motivated to thrust Democrats from office in Virginia and made a bold declaration in New Jersey. Miyares said one of the reasons voters are so fed up with the government is the lack of transparency.

He’s right, but there’s more. Voters are also tired of woke policies such as defunding the police, Critical Race Theory (CRT), no-bail violent criminal releases, catch and release of illegal immigrants into their communities, and elected officials at all levels of government who act like rulers instead of public servants.

In addition to the new investigations, the new attorney general also began to reorganize his office. Miyares released two people from their employment with the Office of Civil Rights. One can assume it’s over differences in policy initiatives.

The bottom line is this: Youngkin, Sears, and Miyares are showing Americans across the country what it means to vote for the GOP. There is an option if states and local communities don’t want rampant crime, corruption, and far-left policies that leave people trapped in government dependency and hopelessness. It won’t be easy. Just days into the new Virginia administration, the Left is already on the attack, but Youngkin can handle it.

The question is, is the rest of America ready to abandon the woke policies of the far-Left?

We’re going to find out in November.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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