Newly Anticipated Antibiotics Bill Could Be a Bust

Newly Anticipated Antibiotics Bill Could Be a Bust

New Antibiotics Bill Could Have Negative Impact On Health

( – Senate Democrats continue locking horns with their Republican counterparts over the proper approach to take regarding the pharmaceutical industry. In a rare move, a few came together to promote legislation regarding antibiotic development. However, the measure could end up being a bust.

Sen. Michael Bennet (R-CO) sponsored the PASTEUR Act of 2021 (S.2076) on July 16, 2021. Three other senators co-sponsored the bill, including Todd Young (R-IN), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

The legislation “authorizes the Department of Health and Human Services to enter into subscription contracts for critical-need antimicrobial drugs.” It also includes a “mechanism” to lower the cost for consumers in “certain circumstances.”

PASTEUR Act supporters claim the proposed law encourages the development of drugs to offset a potential health crisis linked to individuals who develop resistance to medications currently available on the market.

On the flip side, detractors say the bill neglects to set explicit conditions for drug trials that could provide positive patient outcomes. For instance, it fails to mandate clinical testing on individuals resistant to the present slate of antibiotics.

So far, the measure lacks adequate support for Senate passage due to its $11-billion price tag. In addition, its companion measure in the House faces challenges related to the number of committees debating HR.3932.

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