New York Governor Targets Trump

New York Governor Targets Trump

Dems are constantly looking for ways to attack President Trump and his cabinet. They’ll stop at nothing whether it be re-interpreting a loosely-worded law or inventing new legislation. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just passed a brand new law with the sole purpose of making individuals who the president pardons more vulnerable to the law.

The new law, which has already gone into effect, closes a so-called “loophole.” New York can now pursue criminal charges set against individuals who were pardoned by the president.

If this was truly an issue that threatens our Democracy, then why wasn’t this passed during the Obama administration? Clearly, this is another work of legal fiction the Dems are abusing to go after Trump and his associates. For all of the Left’s talk about democratic processes and the rule of law, they’re sure ready to abandon it whenever it’s politically expedient.


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