New York Governor Plans His Own Virus Response

States Feel Abandoned By Feds

( – The Trump administration has been hard at work addressing the coronavirus and allocating funding to key programs to fight the infection. In fact, the White House coronavirus task force recently gave an update on the outbreak’s status and some specific actions it is taking. One of those actions is to work on a funding bill that will help the working class cope with the virus’s effects.

None of that seems to be enough for New York governor Andrew Cuomo, though.

Cuomo says that the government has “fallen down on the job” and that states across the country have been left to fend for themselves. He addressed other state governors on the matter saying “you’re on your own.” That leaves one to wonder what exactly Cuomo plans on doing about the virus.

Apparently, Cuomo thinks that deploying the National Guard to contain certain areas of New York is the right thing to do.

Whether or not this mass containment strategy will work remains to be seen. It could be the right call given the heavy population density of the area. However, it’s still disheartening to see a state governor tear down President Trump’s massive efforts to deal with this crisis on a national basis, when what we need most right now is unity.

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