New Trump/Russia Claims Shot Down Already

New Trump/Russia Claims Shot Down Already

( – Last week, the Left was screeching about Russian interference again. It was like the country had suddenly been transported back to 2016. Now we are finding out that it was another case of the Dems who cried “Russia.”

National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien shot down claims that the House of Representatives were briefed by intelligence officials warning Russia was trying to get President Trump re-elected. O’Brien said during an interview on CBS News’ Face the Nation that he’d seen no evidence to substantiate those claims:

The president called the rumor a “hoax” and hit Democrats for their inability to count their own votes in Iowa:

The election is months away, and it looks like the fake news campaign is underway already. People are already being told to doubt the support for the president. It’s like deja-vu. The Russians aren’t the ones who are interfering in our elections.

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