New Supreme Court Decision Allows Voting Integrity Laws to Stand

New Supreme Court Decision Allows Voting Integrity Laws to Stand

( – Republican moves to improve election integrity got a big boost last week when the Supreme Court upheld two state laws designed to prevent fraudulent votes.

A July 1 ruling by the US Supreme Court dismissed an appeal against two Arizona voting laws which, according to the state’s Democrats, discriminate against minorities. The DNC had argued that requiring voters to cast their ballots in the correct precinct and only allowing the voter, family members or caregivers to collect mail-in ballots discriminated against minorities. They didn’t have any good explanations of why the laws discriminate against minorities – and the Supreme Court wasn’t impressed by the arguments they did have.

In a 6-3 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that the law requires voting to be equally open to everyone, and “mere inconvenience” doesn’t violate the law. Arizona argues it designed its laws to prevent ballot harvesting and multiple votes, and it’s clear that they apply equally to all races, so the Democrat objections don’t stand up.

Several other states have enacted similar laws to Arizona’s and are facing similar objections from Democrats. Because the Supreme Court has shown it will uphold election laws that apply equally to everyone, states will have more confidence in their ability to protect the integrity of elections – a vital first step in restoring public confidence in our democracy.

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