New Poll Shows Americans Trust Armed Citizens More Than State Officials

New Poll Shows Americans Trust Armed Citizens More Than State Officials

Armed PATRIOTS – New Poll Shows What People Really Think

( – Over the last few decades, mass shootings in America have become more common than in times past. That has led to a fury of calls by Democrats to enact harsher gun control laws. At the same time, many big Democratic-led cities defunded their police departments, and progressive district attorneys decided not to prosecute some violent crimes. It was a bad combination.

The Left argues that citizens don’t need certain types of guns, including President Joe Biden saying no one needs a 9mm handgun on May 30. Yet, a new poll says that the majority of Americans don’t agree with the Left. Could citizens choose to support the Second Amendment and push back on the anti-gun narrative?

Poll Counters Democratic Narrative

More citizens are putting their faith in their fellow Americans over the police or federal authorities. That’s according to a new survey released by the Trafalgar Group on Monday, July 18. So, what do most Americans believe is the best deterrent and defense against mass shootings or crimes?

It’s not the police departments who are seeing their numbers drop and response times increase. Instead, it’s a fellow armed citizen. The Trafalgar survey said 41.8% of Americans believe an armed citizen is the best protection against a mass shooting or crime. That’s compared to local police, who came in at 25.1% and federal agents at 10.5%.

So, how did the poll break down by political affiliation?

  • 33.9% of Democrats said none of the above protected them from a mass shooting event, and police came in at 31.4%
  • 70.4% of Republicans said the best protection was an armed civilian — only 1.6% of GOP voters said federal agents were the best equipped to protect them and their families

Poll Published One Day After Armed Civilian Stops Mass Shooter in Mall

The poll results came just one day after a 22-year-old armed man killed a mass shooter in an Indiana Mall. Local authorities and mall officials hailed Elisjsha Dicken as a hero after a gunman with a rifle and handgun walked into the Greenwood Park Mall. The mass shooter killed three people and wounded two others. In only 15 seconds, he fired 24 shots.

Police said Dicken was shopping with his girlfriend at the time. As soon as the shots fired, the young man pulled out his handgun and confronted the shooter.

Just weeks earlier, in Uvalde, Texas, a gunman killed 19 students and 2 teachers in an elementary school. Since then, America has learned how law enforcement failed to stop the gunman through a series of errors and mistakes. Some say they prioritized their own safety over saving lives.

So, is the new poll proof of a growing trend supporting the Second Amendment? We’ll find out.

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