New Outbreak of Disease Is Driving Up Egg Prices

New Outbreak of Disease Is Driving Up Egg Prices

Egg Prices Are About To SKYROCKET… Here’s Why

( – Just when we were all starting to put COVID behind us, along comes another disease. This time it’s the bird flu. The good news is, the risk to humans is low. The bad news is it’s going to make the rising cost of living go up even faster.

Since the start of the year, cases of highly infectious avian influenza have been detected in at least six states, and it’s continuing to spread. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says it’s rare for the disease to infect humans, and although some cases have been known there’s only been one in the US. Its advice is to make sure chickens and eggs are properly cooked, which should make them safe to eat.

Unfortunately, while bird flu is mostly harmless to humans, it’s extremely dangerous to poultry. The disease is mainly spread by ducks, geese and other wild birds — but it can kill chickens and turkeys. To slow its spread, huge numbers of domestic birds have already been killed. According to egg market expert Karyn Rispoli 28 million hens, almost 9% of the US total, have been culled. That’s pushed the price of eggs up 12% in just a week, with a dozen large eggs now averaging $1.66.

There’s worse news to come. Processed eggs are used in many other foods, and a pound of liquid egg has jumped from $0.86 at the start of March to $2.58 on May 3. That will force up prices for many baked goods, snacks, and even salad dressings. Chicken and eggs might be safe to eat, but will we be able to afford them?

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