New Ohio Abortion Law Passes Test

New Ohio Abortion Law Passes Test

( – A previously contested Ohio abortion law was recently given support by the federal Justice Department, making this another win for pro-life legislation.

The law in question makes abortions illegal for fetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome. Any physician who goes through with such a procedure could be charged with a felony of the fourth degree, have their medical license revoked, and be held liable for legal damages. However, the law was placed on hold after a previous court ruling.

The Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals recently reheard the case and decided to remove the hold. Now, abortions in Ohio are illegal if there’s a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. The Justice Department stated in its filing of the case:

“…nothing in Ohio’s law creates a substantial obstacle to women obtaining an abortion, and nothing in the Constitution or Supreme Court precedent requires States to authorize medical providers to participate in abortions the providers know are based on Down syndrome.”

America is one step closer to protecting all innocent life.

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