New Newsmax Partnership Announced

New Newsmax Partnership Announced

( – A conservative news channel has just signed a deal that gives it a large new European audience. Newsmax, which is well known for its strong support of former president Donald Trump, has reached an agreement with Telecom Serbia that will open up a whole new market. Now millions of Europeans will be able to watch its content.

On April 25, Newsmax host John Bachman announced the conservative media company has reached a partnership deal with Telecom Serbia, the largest multimedia company in southeast Europe. Telecom Serbia is a government-owned company that operates internet, cable TV and cellphone services and has around 11 million viewers. For Newsmax, it’s a significant break into the market at a time when many European countries are looking for a more conservative take on the news than they get from their liberal media.

Newsmax and Telecom Serbia have signed a multi-year license that will let the European network broadcast Newsmax content. As well as Serbia, the company also provides services in Austria, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Switzerland, giving it a very large potential market into which it can expand. Telecom Serbia executive Aleksandra Markovich told Bachman the company is “proud” of the deal and that the cooperation should launch by the end of the year. She said Serbia, a former communist country, needs quality media to help it develop as a society.

The Serbian network is moving quickly to expand its content. It also has deals with the ultra-liberal Bloomberg and with the more conservative-leaning Euronews; the addition of Newsmax will round out its platform with a solidly conservative channel. There’s a growing demand for that in Europe, where traditional social democrat parties have been hammered by public anger at economic failures and liberal open-border policies. It looks like Newsmax has chosen the perfect moment to enter the continent’s media market.

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