New Minimum Age for Tobacco Products

New Minimum Age for Tobacco Products

A fairly controversial addition was voted on as part of the next $1.4 trillion government funding bill making its way through Congress to keep federal institutions running.

The funding bill itself is crucial and being pushed hard to pass through before the holidays. Part of this bill now includes a provision that raises the minimum age required to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21. This new age restriction would also apply to e-cigarettes.

Tobacco companies, like Altria and Juul, strangely supported this provision. Some believe that this support is intended to stave off harsher regulations that would ban all flavored e-cig juices. The proposal to ban e-cig flavors caused quite a stir, especially among avid vapers.

Comedian Matt Walsh poked fun at this new law on Twitter.

There are certainly discrepancies among our age restrictions on various activities in America. However, after the recent outbreak of a mysterious lung illness among some e-cig users, perhaps this policy is justified. What do you think about the new minimum age to purchase tobacco products?

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