New Militia Rises Up In Mexico

( – Desperate Mexicans are standing up to the country’s notoriously violent drug cartels, forming militias to hit back against narcoterrorism. Unfortunately, they’re not always too choosy about their targets. Now a militia has been set up to combat a militia that was set up to combat a major cartel — and it’s not clear who the good guys are.

Since 2021, a militia known as Los Machetes has been launching attacks on the Sinaloa drug cartel and some local politicians. On the face of it, Los Machetes, who, according to the Mexican media, shows some tactical ability, is an anti-drug militia. However, an investigation by Breitbart News turned up a very different truth — the group appears to be linked with Cartel Jalisco New Generation, a growing rival to the Sinaloa cartel. It isn’t trying to defeat narcoterrorism; it just wants to take down a competitor.

Los Machetes have added to the spiraling violence in the southern state of Chiapas, which borders Guatemala. In June, the group allegedly kidnapped 16 police employees and used them as hostages to pressure politicians they alleged were corrupt. The victims were eventually released, but the perpetrators haven’t been caught yet.

In response to the violence in Chiapas, a new militia has now emerged. The group, which calls itself the Civil Army of the Indigenous People of Panthelo, says its goal is to defend residents against Los Machetes. So far, it hasn’t been linked to any violence, but it released videos on social media showing gunmen armed with AR15-series rifles and shotguns.

There’s no evidence that the Civil Army is linked to any of the drug cartels, but it’s too early to rule that out. What is clear is that Mexico’s security forces have lost control of large parts of the country and are unable to stop the narcotics-linked violence. Thanks to our open southern border, there’s nothing to stop that violence from spilling over into the southern US.

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