New Migrant Caravan Infiltrated By MS-13

MS-13 Members Found In Latest Migrant Caravan

The so-called “migrant caravans” being organized by left-wing provocateurs continue to show America just why we need to invest in border security. The Mexican authorities have just deported another bunch of violent criminals who were trying to infiltrate the US by mingling with the migrants. Do we want to rely on Mexico to keep these people away from our borders, or is it time we took proper responsibility for our own security? As the toll of Americans assaulted or killed by illegals continues to rise, the answer seems obvious.
Our border defenses were set up to counter crossings by individuals or small groups — the worst threat they were expected to face were human traffickers. Events have shown that they’re not really adequate for the job they were designed to do, and against mass crossing attempts like the ones we’ve seen recently, they’re just not enough. Now another “migrant caravan” is in Mexico, and yet again our border is under attack.


  • Right now an estimated 1,600 migrants, mostly from Guatemala and Honduras, are camped out in the Mexican town of Piedras Negras. This is right across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas.
  • According to the far-left activists organizing these mass invasions, the target for this one was Mexico rather than the US. However, they chose to halt it close to our border, and it’s known that many of the migrants are planning to cross into the United States.
  • So far the Mexican authorities have deported around 70 members of the caravan for a variety of reasons, sending them back to their countries of origin. That means about 5% of the caravan are people so bad the Mexicans don’t want them in their country, so why would we want them in ours?
  • Mexico also identified and deported ten members of MS-13 when the caravan first arrived in Piedras Negras two weeks ago. MS-13 is a criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles but has now spread its tentacles throughout North and South America — and it’s notorious for its brutality.
  • Most of the migrants will soon be given paperwork that lets them move freely throughout Mexico. For now, they’re being housed in an unused factory and its warehouses, but we can expect them to be assaulting our border soon.
  • Now, following violence in one of the warehouses, Mexican police have detained another 15 members of MS-13 that they’ll be deporting soon. The question is, how many more of these vicious thugs are hidden among the caravan, and how many will successfully infiltrate our country because Leftists are obstructing our border barrier?