New Hampshire Primary Results

New Hampshire Primary Results

( – Unlike the uncontrollable chaos that was the Iowa Caucus, the New Hampshire primary went off without a hitch. Votes were counted on time and the whole process didn’t suffer from the gross incompetence that went into Iowa. The results of the New Hampshire primary went about as expected, though with a few twists.

First and foremost, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) won the state.

However, he didn’t win by the same overwhelming margin he did in 2016. Here’s the breakdown.

  • 25.9% – 9 delegates – Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT)
  • 24.4% – 9 delegates – Pete Buttigieg
  • 19.8% – 6 delegates – Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
  • 9.3% – 0 delegates – Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
  • 8.4% – 0 delegates – Joe Biden

Klobuchar and Buttigieg have received overwhelming praise from mainstream media outlets ever since the last DNC debate. This has contributed to Klobuchar’s surge and Buttigieg’s continued popularity in New Hampshire, which might carry onward into subsequent states.

However, Warren didn’t reach viability, which many expected her to do as a more palatable version of Sanders. In fact, she continued her offensive against the Democratic Socialist in her speech as the votes were coming in.

The feud between Warren and Sanders is still alive and well as the campaign trail moves on to Nevada.

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