New Hampshire Heats Up

New Hampshire Heats Up

( – Back in 2016, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) won New Hampshire over Hillary Clinton by a significant margin. A recent state poll seems to show that Sanders could take New Hampshire once again.

That’s not deterring the rest of the DNC presidential nominees from turning up the heat after leaving the neverending Iowa Caucus. Joe Biden went on the offensive to discredit Sanders’ socialist political alignment.

Audience members are also joining the fray. During one of Joe Biden’s events, one man interrupted the former vice president yelling, “Answer for the women and children you groped!”

Pete Buttigieg, seemingly eeked ahead of Sanders in Iowa, listened to a woman yell at him while she stood on a chair about his stance on fossil fuel companies and climate change.

Additionally, Buttigieg appears to be struggling to maintain his momentum. Scott Spradling, former political director for New Hampshire’s primary political news source, said that the lack of clarity from Iowa is hurting Buttigieg’s ability to fundraise.

With momentum on the line, no candidate is holding back as the New Hampshire primary closes in.

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