New Dry Scooping Trend on TikTok May Be Fatal

New Dry Scooping Trend on TikTok May Be Fatal

( – Life continues advancing at break-neck speeds for young Americans. New online trends involving potentially dangerous behaviors regularly emerge despite the confines of coronavirus-based restrictions, or perhaps because of their resulting boredom.

Doctors recently started issuing warnings against a new TikTok trend called “dry scooping” after OnlyFans star Briatney Portillo suffered a heart attack. Dry scooping involves ingesting large amounts of an un-regulated protein powder containing high levels of caffeine without diluting it with any water.

TikTok’s dry scooping challenge received millions of likes, prompting medical doctors to issue warnings against participating in the fad. According to them, the practice can cause heart and lung seizures and, in extreme cases, even death.

Princeton University pediatrician Nelson Chow told reporters dry scooping “[could] lead to choking, accidental inhalation, over-consumption, and [potential] death.”

Making matters worse, some youngsters decided to up the ante by mixing the power with high-energy drinks, increasing the risk of experiencing a life-threatening cardiopulmonary event. Researchers have also discovered some instances of dry scoopers taking the powder with large quantities of alcohol as well, further increasing the practice’s risks.

As Chow pointed out, it’s difficult for medical practitioners to identify all the fads that could pose risks to America’s youth. The internet is a source for young people to learn about such fads, but it can also be a source of awareness of the potential dangers as well, so they can decide to avoid them.

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