New Crackdown on Abuse of Asylum Claims

The right to claim asylum is a vital one. It’s what lets political dissidents escape from totalitarian regimes, religious minorities find a safe haven free from persecution and victims of organized crime in lawless countries flee to somewhere they’ll be protected by the law.

The US was built by people fleeing persecution; we know all about how important asylum is. The trouble is, international law on asylum has been abused on an industrial scale for years by wannabe immigrants who don’t have any right to be here. Left-wingers are happy for this to continue. President Trump isn’t — and, because he’s the president and they’re not, he can do something about it.


It’s impossible to deny that there’s a migration crisis at our southern border. With people crossing into the US in huge numbers, often in large groups of a size that hasn’t been seen before — including the notorious “migrant caravans” — it’s obvious something needs to be done urgently.

  • Many of the migrants overwhelming our borders claim asylum, but a lot of them aren’t entitled to it. They know they don’t have a legitimate reason to immigrate to the US, so they play the asylum card instead.
  • The Left are usually wary of spending too much political capital on economic migrants; most of them seem to believe in open borders, but they know that telling the American people anyone who wants to come to the US should be allowed in is a hard sell. On the other hand, most people naturally have sympathy for asylum seekers — and they can’t tell which ones are genuine.
  • In fact, a huge number of them aren’t — even if their reasons for fleeing their home country are real enough.
  • The right to asylum comes from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN in 1948. It’s usually interpreted as giving people the right to asylum in the first safe country they come to — but many travel on to another country with higher wages or a better quality of life. For example, most Central American asylum seekers would be perfectly safe in Mexico.
  • New rules published by the Trump administration on Monday would make it a legal requirement for asylum seekers to request sanctuary in the first safe country they reached on their journey. They would only be able to apply for asylum in the US if that application was rejected.
  • The administration also wants to process claims faster, and expedite deporting failed applicants. Where possible, migrants will be asked to wait in another country, for example, Mexico — while their claim is processed. There will also be an administrative fee to cover the cost of processing and hopefully, deter false claims. Sounds perfectly reasonable to us!

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