New Census Data Could Completely Reshape the US House

New Census Data Could Completely Reshape The U.S. House

( – The Census Bureau has just announced a redistribution of House seats based on the latest population data, in a move that could radically change the makeup of Congress. The adjustment will give more seats to red states – and the data also shows trends that could help the GOP in the future.

Under the new allocation of seats, seven states will lose one representative each – and five of them are blue states. Meanwhile, five states gain one each – two blue, three red – and another red state gains two. Here are the winners and losers:


  • Texas +2
  • Colorado +1
  • Florida +1
  • Montana +1
  • North Carolina +1
  • Oregon +1


  • California -1
  • Illinois -1
  • Michigan -1
  • New York -1
  • Ohio -1
  • Pennsylvania -1
  • West Virginia -1

The census also found that US population growth is the slowest since the late 1920s, and the population is aging. That has implications for the future; older people are more likely to vote – and when they do, they lean heavily toward the GOP. The current House could be the congressional high-water mark for the Democrats.

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