New Biden Super PAC Has Surprising Origins

New Biden Super PAC Has Surprising Origins

( – As former Vice President Joe Biden has all but officially won the DNC presidential nomination, more and more liberals are flocking behind him. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) suspended his campaign and endorsed Biden to the dismay of many Sanders supporters. Although many Bernie fans are upset, not all of his campaign aides were on board with a political revolution.

One, Jeff Weaver, has branched off to form a super PAC in Biden’s favor. It’s called the “Future To Believe In” PAC, which is a homage to Bernie’s 2016 campaign slogan. Senator Sanders doesn’t support this decision and his rabid fan base is bearing its teeth at Weaver’s move.

Weaver splintering from Sanders’ campaign to support the establishment Democrat candidate is a mirror of 2016 when he did the same for Hillary Clinton. This move is only increasing the already deep divide between moderate Democrats and progressives. As these kinds of events play out through the remainder of 2020, President Donald Trump’s ability to secure another four years in the Oval Office becomes more assured. At this rate, America will continue to be great even as we deal with and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.


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