New App Parler Making History As Twitter Competitor

New App Parler Making History As Twitter Competitor

( – Twitter continued its longstanding practice of censoring conservative voices throughout 2020. Emboldened by some recent policy changes, Twitter suspended Donald Trump Jr’s account in July after he posted a viral video of medical professionals discussing the purported benefits of taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine.

Twitter updated its so-called policy regarding misleading information in May 2020 and promptly began posting warning notices on President Donald Trump’s tweets and those of other leading conservatives.

A new social media site called Parler was introduced in 2018 as an unbiased place where individuals could freely express their opinions without being censored, suspended, or outright banned. (The following clip provides a short overview of Parler’s guiding philosophy regarding the use of its platform.)

Billed as “The Free Speech Network,” it quickly took off in the wake of Twitter’s aggressive escalation of its censorship efforts. Trump supporters and other conservatives dominate the platform now, and it has turned into a real haven for free speech advocates.

Numerous supporters of the president are calling on him to leave Twitter and make Parler his permanent online home and take his almost 88+ million followers with him.

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