New Agenda Unveiled to Make Stimulus Checks a Regular Trend

New Agenda Unveiled to Make Stimulus Checks a Regular Trend

( – Just a couple of months ago, the IRS handed out stimulus checks to over 169 million Americans – basically giving people free money to help them through the COVID-19 crisis. Many people supported the move as a sensible response to a uniquely devastating pandemic, but now left-wing Democrats are working to make the handouts a regular thing.

With the third round of stimulus checks complete, tens of millions of Americans $3,200 better off and the coronavirus slowly being brought under control by vaccines and herd immunity, this might seem like a sensible time to wind down the stimulus program. Yet, 21 Democrat senators have written to President Biden asking him to keep making the payments.

While that lobbying is going on, some states have started their own stimulus handouts. At least two-thirds of Californians are in line for a $600 check authorized by Governor Gavin Newsom (D). It seems some Democrats are using the pandemic as an excuse to push their “redistribution” agenda – borrowing money the country can’t afford, then giving it away in the hope of buying some votes.

Meanwhile, the biggest problem our economy faces is that too many people aren’t looking for jobs. Is paying them to stay at home really the best idea right now?

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