Nevada Election Worker Calls Out Voting Irregularities

Nevada Election Worker Calls Out Voting Irregularities

( – Serious questions continue mounting regarding ballot collection and counting procedures throughout the country during the 2020 presidential election. As President Donald Trump predicted months ago, it increasingly appears the Supreme Court will determine the outcome.

On November 9, Fox News obtained a copy of a signed affidavit from a Nevada election official working in Clark County. The sworn statement included several allegations of irregularities witnessed by the worker in the last couple of weeks of October.

For instance, the individual alleged election workers accepted provisional ballots from people without the required state-issued ID. The worker also claimed they saw several persons who were signing multiple ballots. Fox News reported the affidavit included several other serious allegations.

President Trump posted a tweet a few hours later expressing concerns about Nevada’s “fake votes.”

A Trump campaign representative advised Fox News they submitted the affidavit to the Justice Department for review. Aaron Ford, Nevada’s Democratic Attorney General, confirmed receipt of an affidavit. However, he stated his office could not conduct an investigation based on the statement since it didn’t contain the person’s name, contact information, and signature.

Stay tuned as more of these “irregularities” are brought to light.

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