Nearly 80% of Americans Think The Country Is On the Wrong Track

Nearly 80% of Americans Think The Country Is On the Wrong Track

It’s OFFICIAL – Nearly 80% Of Americans Finally Agree On This

( – With inflation spiraling out of control and the mainstream media bombarding the public with inane coverage of the January 6 Select Committee hearings, it’s no small wonder that Americans are starting to express their discontent in a recent polling. But to what extent? A recent survey of more than 2,000 registered voters revealed that nearly 80% think the country is on the wrong track.

On Wednesday, July 20, POLITICO released the results of its most recent National Tracking Poll, conducted with Morning Consult, a prestigious global business intelligence company. Seventy-eight percent of participants said they think the country has “seriously” gone on the “wrong track.” Inversely, a meager 22% said they believe the nation is moving in the “right direction.”

Getting into the nuts and bolts, 68% of the respondents said they think the country is already in a recession, as opposed to 18% who don’t. Those figures don’t bode well for Democrats since economic issues topped the list of topics on participants’ minds as they consider who to vote for in the upcoming midterm elections. A whopping 43% said the economy is their most significant concern, followed by 15% who cited women’s issues.

Democrats’ fared poorly on several key issues, with survey participants saying they favored Republicans in handling the following topics over their liberal counterparts.

  • The economy: 48% to 36%
  • Inflation: 47% to 34%
  • Jobs: 45% to 40%
  • Immigration: 46% to 38%
  • National Security: 48% to 35%

How do you think things are going in America today? Do you think we are on the wrong track?

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