NBC Pulls Plug on Biden Press Conference as Tough Questions Start

NBC Pulls Plug on Biden Press Conference as Tough Questions Start

(RightWing.org) – The American public is rapidly losing faith in President Joe Biden, as his inability to do the job becomes more obvious by the day. However, it seems some in the media are still determined to cover for him as they did through last year’s election campaign.

Biden emerged to give a news conference on August 22 and managed to get through a prepared statement with no major problems. Yet, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the president can’t handle unscripted discussions well, so when he finished his statement and threw it open to questions, NBC News decided the audience had seen enough.

When the president called on AP reporter Darlene Superville to ask the first question, NBC’s Kate Snow quickly cut away to the network’s feed. Without waiting for Biden to answer, she announced, “Let’s get right to Monica Alba, who’s at the White House.”

Biden’s issues with the media go back to the start of his administration. It took weeks of increasing pressure for him to give his first press conference, and since then, his staff has tried to insulate him from questions because he often struggles to answer them. Even now, it seems networks like NBC are collaborating with the president’s staff to hide his weaknesses from the public. Unfortunately, those weaknesses are getting too big to hide anymore.

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