NATO Gives Ukraine Shocking “Suggestion”

( – The Ukraine-Russia war has been dragging on for nearly 18 months now, and it’s not looking like it will end anytime soon. One of the reasons Russia reportedly invaded its neighbor was to prevent the country from joining NATO, a move it had been seeking since strengthening its relationship in the 1990s. NATO allies have helped Ukraine fight off its aggressor by sending equipment and weapons, as well as providing humanitarian aid where needed. However, the alliance recently made a statement that incensed Kyiv.

The “Suggestion”

At a panel in Norway, where NATO met to discuss Ukraine’s post-war needs, Stian Jenssen, who serves as chief of staff to Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary-general, made a statement that drew ire. He suggested that one “probable solution” for Ukraine to gain NATO membership would be if it were willing to “give up territory,” according to Business Insider. He quickly clarified, saying it wasn’t mandatory and that Ukraine maintains full ownership of the decision of if and when to engage its neighbor in any type of negotiations.

Ukraine’s Response

Ukraine’s top officials were quick to not only dismiss the idea, but also call out NATO for making such “ridiculous” statements that they see as nothing more than an “appalling indulgence of murderers.”

The Presidential Chief of Staff, Mihaylo Podolyak, took to X, formerly Twitter, in a scathing rebuke of the suggestion and how conceding territory only plays into what Russia wants and encourages its actions. He said if President Vladimir Putin isn’t defeated, he will continue to push forward with his efforts, and the war will be for naught.

In response to escalating tensions, NATO made it clear that it unequivocally supports the war-torn nation in its efforts to fight off its aggressor. A spokesperson said it “will continue to support Ukraine as long as necessary,” and the ultimate goal was to achieve “a just and lasting peace.”

Lost Land

Ukraine’s reluctance to give up its territory is only bolstered by its recent losses. In 2014, during former President Barack Obama’s administration, Russia annexed Crimea. Then, eight years later, in 2022, it annexed four other regions: Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia, albeit illegitimately. Ukraine has been fighting to keep other regions, including the capital city of Kyiv, from falling to Russia, with a lot of help from NATO allies.

Ukraine is staunchly against giving up any more of its land as a means of negotiation with Moscow.

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