National Poll Shows 14 Point Swing to Republican Party in Historic Find

National Poll Shows 14 Point Swing to Republican Party in Historic Find

( – When President Biden took office almost a year ago, he posed as the leader of a new, liberal era in American history. The country was changing, he said. All the things the Republicans stand for are in the past. Is he still so confident?

The latest polling analysis from Gallup shows while the Biden administration started on a bedrock of Democrat strength, the president’s bungling and the extremism of the far-Left have rapidly turned that foundation to quicksand. Now the Democrat lead has melted away, and the GOP’s support is as strong as it’s been in 27 years.

Gallup found that while the Democrats managed to hang on to their support through the second quarter of 2021, by the end of the third it had fallen sharply to leave them just one percent ahead of the Republicans. By the end of the fourth quarter, the GOP had pushed into a 5% lead. In the space of a year, there’s been a 14% swing away from the Democrats.

Gallup says that in 2021 both parties managed to match the most prominent leads they’ve had since the pollster started tracking party leanings in 1991 – 9% for the Democrats and 5% for the Republicans. Biden entered office with more support than any Democrat president since at least the 1970s – and in just one year, he’s thrown it all away. The GOP now has the biggest lead it’s held since 1995. November’s midterm elections promise to be very interesting.

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