National Guard Ready for Civil Unrest

National Guard Ready for Civil Unrest

( – Over the summer, civil unrest and riots caused billions of dollars in damage and untold damage to the well-being of people who live in battered communities affected by the violence. With a contentious election looming, two military police units are prepared to spring into action if they are needed.

From Boston to Los Angeles, the National Guard is prepared to mobilize if civil unrest grips the country following the presidential election.

Approximately 600 soldiers, 300 in both Alabama and Arizona, are ready to deploy if the governor of any state requests their help. The guard also says they’ve purchased $200,000 in protective equipment and thoroughly trained soldiers on best practices and procedures when dealing with protestors and rioters.

Due to the potential demand and need for the guard in their home states, the designated soldiers will be able to deploy within 24 hours of a governor’s request. Alabama units are responsible for the eastern half of the country, and Arizona in the west.

Let’s hope and pray the National Guard is not needed.

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