National Guard Deployed in Oregon (REPORT)

National Guard Deployed In Oregon (REPORT)

( – Ultra-liberal Oregon now has the National Guard on the streets after far-left violence broke out on November 4. Governor Kate Brown (D) had placed the state’s Army National Guard on standby before the election and tasked them to work jointly with Oregon State Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department.

Brown, along with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D), made headlines this summer when they fought to prevent federal agents from restoring order in riot-blighted Portland; now, she’s finally sent in troops.

Protests began Wednesday in Portland, with demonstrators demanding all votes be counted and protesting President Trump’s efforts to make sure only legal votes are tallied.

The protest quickly turned to violence with mobs attacking local businesses, and Portland cops declared a riot. Guard troops were deployed in the downtown area to help contain it. At least twelve rioters were arrested, including one who had a loaded rifle and an improvised explosive device (IED).

Brown has extended an executive order creating a unified police command to contain post-election unrest.

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