Nancy Pelosi’s Husband’s Trades Have 100% Success Rate, Raising Alarms

( – Even the most successful stock traders experience losses from time to time. You win some, and you hope not to lose too many. But, for some inexplicable reason, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband appears to have figured out how to “beat the odds” in an industry where that never happens.

Yahoo Finance recently reported retail investors are following the stock trades of the California Democrat’s spouse, Paul Pelosi. For the last couple of years, he has experienced inexplicable success with investments made on behalf of his real estate and capital investment firm, Financial Leasing Services, Inc.

Christopher Josephs, the owner of stock market app Iris, told Yahoo Finance his company has tracked every stock purchased by Mr. Pelosi in the last two years for its users. According to him, “every single stock” purchased by Paul Pelosi increased “significantly” in value. For those unfamiliar with Iris, the app allows its users to see stocks purchased by professional investors, influencers, and others.

Speaker Pelosi doesn’t purchase stocks herself. She apparently leaves that to her husband. However, as Yahoo Finance reported, traders view the trades as hers.

According to Josephs, it’s not inconceivable that lawmakers like Pelosi acquire insider information that could impact the success rate of their purchases. “It’s something… to keep an eye [on],” he explained.

One must wonder why the Speaker’s husband’s 100% success rate hasn’t triggered an investigation by now.

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