Nancy Pelosi Targets Police Officer Who Shot Armed Looter – Calls for FBI Investigation

Nancy Pelosi Targets Police Officer Who Shot Armed Looter

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is once again politicizing death to target police officers in America.

Pelosi has just called on the FBI to investigate a police officer after the officer shot a man named Sean Monterrosa who was armed with a hammer and was found at the scene of a Walgreens that was being looted. Although the police department found no reason to charge Monterrosa with a crime, Pelosi is trying to have the officer punished and is even calling the shooting “police brutality” without proof.

Who Is Sean Monterrosa?

On June 2, police in Vallejo, California responded to calls of a mob looting Walgreens. When officers arrived, 22-year-old Sean Monterrosa dropped to his knees and put his hands up by his waist.

An officer fired five shots through his windshield after seeing what he thought was a gun in Monterrosa’s hand, killing him. In a body camera video of the shooting, a policeman can be heard saying, “He pointed a gun at us.” Another officer says he also thought the suspect was armed.

Later, investigators discovered the weapon on his body was a hammer. Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams later said the officers were right, Monterrosa was armed and as of now, no action has been taken against the cop who was involved.

Pelosi Claims “Police Brutality” Without Proof

On July 17, Pelosi released a statement calling on the FBI to investigate the fatal shooting. The speaker called Monterrosa’s death a “horrible act of brutality” and referred to it as a “murder,” while fully ignoring the evidence that contradicts claims of police brutality.

This isn’t the first time Pelosi has attacked the police. In fact, last month officers and supporters came together to protest the House speaker and her party after the Democrats spent weeks calling on cities to “defund the police.”

Now, without any evidence, Pelosi is calling police officers murderers. It’s a dangerous precedent for the most powerful person in the House of Representatives to set.

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