Nancy Pelosi Now FORCING House Members to Wear Masks – Threatens to Throw Them Out If They Don’t

Nancy Pelosi Now FORCING House Members to Wear Masks - Threatens to Throw Them Out If They Don’t

( – Nancy Pelosi spent months pretending coronavirus was no big deal – but now she’s changed her tune.

The Speaker of the House is threatening to bar representatives from the House chamber if they don’t obey her panic-stricken rules. The flip-flopping representative from California now wants everyone to wear masks in the chamber, and if they don’t comply she’s going to have the sergeant at arms throw them out.

Pelosi Threatens House Members

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) proclaimed on Wednesday that from now on, everyone in the House chamber must wear a mask. The only exception is that representatives are allowed to take their masks off briefly to be recognized. Anyone who doesn’t comply with her order will be ejected from the chamber by the sergeant at arms, the House’s law enforcement officer.

Pelosi issued the order after Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) tested positive for the virus. She said masks would be available for anybody who forgets to bring one but refusing to wear one would be treated as “a serious breach of decorum.”

Remember When Pelosi Downplayed Coronavirus Earlier This Year?

Pelosi is a late convert to this sort of hyper-cautious behavior on the Wuhan virus. In February she took a very different line. On February 24 she went for a walkabout in San Francisco’s bustling Chinatown district, talking to dense groups of locals without a mask in sight. She told reporters, “Everything is fine here,” and urged, “Come to Chinatown… we’re careful, safe. Come join us.”

Moving forward, Pelosi also took an ambiguous line on protests. In April she was quick to condemn anyone protesting against lockdown orders, she was a lot less vocal about the Black Lives Matter protests that swept the nation in late May and June. She has repeatedly criticized federal law enforcement in a tacit display of support for the protesters.

Along with House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-CA), Pelosi has played a big part in obstructing coronavirus relief packages, using them as an opportunity to push Dem policies through the House and delaying them if she doesn’t get her way. It looks like she doesn’t really care about the impact of the pandemic on the American people – but she’s going to make very sure nobody lets out an unmasked sneeze near her.

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