Nancy Pelosi Just Threw Another $2 Million at Big Tech

Nancy Pelosi Just Threw Another $2 Million at Big Tech

Nancy Pelosi Just Made A $2 MILLION “Investment” – Look Where It Went

( – Smart investors might want to move back into tech stocks. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has just made a big purchase of Microsoft and Apple, and Pelosi tends to pick winners. Of course, it helps that she knows about every upcoming law that might affect the tech industry.

On June 6, Speaker Pelosi filed a Periodic Transaction Report with the House clerk, notifying Congressional authorities that her husband had made two purchases each of Microsoft and Apple call options. The transactions total around $2.1 million — big enough to cause a lot of excitement on financial markets.

Pelosi has an estimated net worth of $120 million, and more than a quarter of that comes from trading tech stocks in the last three years. She’s built a reputation for “impeccable” timing, and her stock portfolio significantly outperforms the market average. Many other traders have taken to following Pelosi’s lead, hoping to match her success — but others are asking if Pelosi and other legislators have an unfair advantage, thanks to their insider knowledge of legislation and regulatory approval.

In one notorious incident last year, Pelosi’s husband made a $5.3-million profit on tech companies while Pelosi was working on antitrust rules for the industry. Most investors had expected tech shares to fall, but the Pelosis invested millions — and then, when the legislation turned out to be much weaker than expected, shares rose sharply. It’s almost as if she knew the upcoming regulation would be no threat to tech businesses. What does she know this time?

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