Nancy Pelosi Claims Trump’s Executive Orders Are “Constitutional Slop”

Nancy Pelosi Claims Trump’s Executive Orders Are “Constitutional Slop”

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has spent DECADES in Congress undermining the Constitution and everything it stands for. But now, she has the blatant audacity to use it as a weapon to target President Donald Trump.

During a “Fox News Sunday” interview, Pelosi launched a vicious attack claiming that President Trump’s executive orders to help Americans during the coronavirus pandemic is “unconstitutional slop.” In her fear-mongering rant, Pelosi even made the baseless claim that he’s “undermining” Social Security with his orders. 

Pelosi Calls Trump’s Orders “Slop”

While speaking to host Chris Wallace on August 9, Pelosi was asked what she thinks of the four executive orders Trump signed the day before. The speaker quoted Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) and said the orders were “unconstitutional slop.” The president took to Twitter to respond to that insult by the Republican in name only (RINO) senator on Monday.

Pelosi went on to say the directives are “illusions” because the president is “undermining Social Security and Medicare.”

First of all, the country is in the midst of a national emergency, and that means the president has more power to act when it becomes necessary to protect the American people. Furthermore, deferring the payroll taxes for a few months, which is what the president did, is hardly going to make the safety nets break. That’s absurd.

The idea that Pelosi, someone who actively fights to undermine the Constitution with laws like gun reform and others, suddenly cares about the document is laughable. She’s just continuing her mission to fight President Trump.

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