Nancy Pelosi Claims Her Climate Deal Is ‘A Religious Thing’

Nancy Pelosi Claims Her Climate Deal Is

( – Climate change activism isn’t new. Environmental protesters have sworn the Earth is on the verge of a catastrophe for decades. Their dire warnings, and in fact, the movement as a whole, often shows religious level devotion. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be capitalizing on that effect to make her climate deal appear more appealing to Christians.

In a weekly press conference, the House Speaker claimed her fight to protect the environment — by spending nearly $550 million in taxpayer dollars — was a “moral obligation” stemming from her desire to serve the Lord.

While few Christians would argue Pelosi’s viewpoint, there are serious concerns about whether America can afford such an expensive piece of legislation right now.

The multi-billion-dollar deal includes funding for a long list of environmental initiatives. Many seek to push America into a greener future:

  • Carbon emission reduction grants and loans
  • Tax credits for domestic producers of green tech
  • Clean energy tax credits, grants, and loans
  • Funding for residential solar initiatives

Yet, inflation is at an all-time high. Leaders continue to battle over whether to raise the debt ceiling just to ensure the country can meet its obligations without facing the risk of a government shutdown or total economic failure. Is this really the right time to look toward expensive bills that focus on saving the environment and little else?

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