Nancy Pelosi Attacks Trump on Camera – Starts Calling Him Names

Nancy Pelosi Attacks Trump on Camera - Starts Calling Him Names

( – Once again, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is using the coronavirus as an excuse to target President Donald Trump.

In a recent interview on CBS News, Nancy Pelosi went on an unhinged rant blaming Donald Trump for the coronavirus outbreak in America. In a clip of her discussion during the show, you can hear her even calling Trump names, referring to him as “Mr. Make Matters Worse.” 

Pelosi Attacks Trump

During the July 26 interview on “Face the Nation,” Pelosi criticized Trump’s response to the pandemic. She claimed he has “made matters worse since the beginning.” The speaker once again repeated the lie that the president called the virus a hoax and slammed him for wanting children to go back to school.

While Pelosi was busy calling the president names, his administration has spent a week working out an aid package with the Senate. On Monday, the HEALS Act was introduced and targets many of the groups who are suffering during this crisis. His team also negotiated the CARES Act. It seems like he’s making matters better, but as usual, the Left won’t give him credit for anything.

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