NAACP Not Onboard With Popular Movement

NAACP Not Onboard With Popular Movement

( – Some Democrats are pushing hard to defund the police across the country, but not everyone is on board. President Donald Trump said it isn’t going to happen. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is also not supportive of the idea. And now another prominent leader is shying away from the idea as well.

NAACP President Derrick Johnson spoke to the Associated Press this week and did not explicitly express support to defund police departments. He said that the Democrats basically haven’t explained what it means and he’s “gotten three different explanations.”

That’s because the Left doesn’t even know what it wants. President Trump does, however, and he told law enforcement leaders he isn’t going to let the police be defunded. He wants to make sure they are able to continue to protect and serve their communities. It would be wise if Democrats jumped on that train.


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