Music Icon Risks Censor by Taking Stand Against Radical Activism

Music Icon Risks Censor by Taking Stand Against Radical Activism

( – He’s been called the “Mayor of MAGAville.” His mother named him Kurt Jantz. His loyal fans know the iconic white rapper as Forgiato Blow. The South Florida-based musician recently made history by taking a stand against radical corporate activism.

While the radical Left observes Pride Month this June — a so-called celebration of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle and culture — Blow is busy dominating the iTunes charts with his latest anthem, “Boycott Target.” Featuring rap mainstays Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli, and Stoney Dudebro, the song currently sits in the number one slot, leaving the likes of pop idols Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Miley Cyrus in the rearview mirror.

Blow’s chart-busting hit addresses the recent controversy surrounding the national retailer’s pride-theme clothing line for children. The song’s opening line immediately delivers the rapper’s message. Mimicking the sounds of an in-store announcement, the rapper warns shoppers that there’s a “clean-up on every aisle” because “Target is targeting your kids.”

The song also dominates Twitter, receiving more than 4.4 million views as of June 1. Likewise, it attracted roughly 600,000 viewers on his YouTube page.

However, like all too many stories of conservative success these days, there’s a dark side emerging to the hit song’s meteoric rise. Blow recently sat down with Fox and Friends First to discuss his hit “Boycott Target” and his ongoing effort to draw attention to important cultural issues.

Blow discussed the song’s swift rise on the iTunes combined chart, adding that he managed to top the list despite being “shadow-banned” from searches on the Big Tech music platform. But, according to him, that’s nothing new. As he explained, he had already received lifetime bans on Facebook and Instagram for speaking truth to power.

Stepping back and observing the bigger picture, this story already has a happy ending according to Blow. Recent reports indicate that Target has lost billions in the wake of recent boycotts over its woke agenda. As the iconic musician noted, “Somebody has to stand up for the kids.”

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