Mueller Report Released

Mueller Report Released

Ever since the Mueller report was completed, leftists have been demanding that it was released — and alleging a cover-up because that didn’t happen immediately. Now their guns have been spiked for good, as the two-volume report was made available to the public today. Will this keep them quiet about the president? Unlikely — but now they have one less thing to whine about.


The Mueller report was passed to Attorney General William Barr on March 20, and two days later Barr sent a short summary of its findings to Congress. That got the key information out there, but political opponents of the president immediately started yapping about the fact the full report hadn’t been released.

There’s always a delay before reports like this are released in full because they contain hundreds of pages that have to be checked for confidential information, but in this case, many people decided that there was some conspiracy underway to protect the president.

Now the AG’s office has finished checking and redacting the report — in pretty much record time — and released it in full. It’s now pretty clear that there was no conspiracy except in the minds of the loony left.

  • Mueller details alleged incidents of the president or his team attempting to obstruct his investigation — but, while he says he’s “unable to reach that judgement” on clearing President Trump of obstruction, he also makes clear that he isn’t upholding any of the allegations either. If you’re not proven guilty, what are you? Yes, that’s right. INNOCENT.
  • AG Barr added his own comments on this section of the report, pointing out that President Trump was facing unprecedented pressure at the time. He’d barely taken office when he and his associates came under relentless attack from politically motivated investigations into alleged collusion. Barr said that Trump cooperated fully with the investigation and had non-corrupt motives.
  • Of course, it’s the collusion allegations that strike to the heart of this matter. Barr’s summary in late March stated that, according to Mueller’s investigation, there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. That should have ended the matter — but, sadly, it didn’t.
  • It’s ended now. The entire first volume of Mueller’s report is dedicated to probing these allegations in minute detail, looking for any sign of collaboration between the president and Vladimir Putin’s regime. The conclusion? “The Russians did not have the co-operation of President Trump or the Trump campaign.”
  • No doubt we haven’t heard the last of the Russia collusion fantasy, but the evidence is in now. Yes, of course, Russia wanted to influence the results of our election — but President Trump didn’t help them do it. This story is, basically, over. Now let’s see if the Left leaves it alone.