Muddled Biden Makes Surprise Endorsement

Muddled Biden Makes Surprise Endorsement

( – An increasingly confused Joe Biden appeared to endorse none other President Trump himself in a rambling speech Saturday night. Talking to supporters in St Louis, the former vice president seemed to completely lose track of what he was saying about the presidential election campaign and ended with “because we cannot get — re-elect — we cannot win this re-election — excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump.”

Removing the gaffes and false starts, Biden was clearly saying that if the Dems don’t end what he called a circular firing squad, the president will win re-election.President Trump, who has already expressed concerns about Biden’s mental competence, jokingly accepted the “endorsement” on Twitter:

However, the statement was such a mess that it’s bound to raise even more questions about his fitness to govern if he does win. Saturday’s gaffe is just the latest in a long list of bumbles. Other instances include:

  • Not knowing Iran from Ukraine
  • Using the phrase “keep on punching” in terms of combating violence against women
  • Calling potential voters, liars, old and fat
  • Saying black kids weren’t as smart as white kids

When you add these (and many others) together, you start to see why the Left should be worried about Sleepy Joe’s competence.

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