MSNBC Anchor Called Out on Political Bias

MSNBC Anchor Called Out on Political Bias

Congressman Matt Gaetz struck a blow against liberal media bias Thursday, telling MSNBC host Hallie Jackson “I have to fact check you in real-time.” Jackson was attempting to grill the Florida representative about the ongoing impeachment farce when Gaetz turned the tables on her, demolishing her arguments and pointing out that she wasn’t just speculating without evidence — she was trying to get him to do the same.


Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) hit the headlines last week when he made a bold attempt to open up a closed-door impeachment hearing to public scrutiny. Although he didn’t manage to get access, Gaetz made an important point about the secrecy that cloaks much of the Democrats’ vendetta against President Trump. Now he’s highlighted another problem — the liberal bias of the mainstream media.

  • Gaetz appeared on an MSNBC live segment on Thursday, and naturally host Hallie Jackson wanted to talk about the impeachment circus. In particular, she wanted to talk about the testimony of William Taylor, the acting US Ambassador to Ukraine.
  • The problem is that most of Taylor’s testimony hasn’t been made public — it was only revealed to the closed-door, Democrat-controlled hearings that Gaetz has been complaining about.
  • Jackson tried to push Gaetz into giving an opinion on what Taylor had said during the hearing, asking “because I haven’t heard you say anything since Bill Taylor testified: Yes or no, is it okay for any politician to trade military aid for political favors?”
  • Gaetz refused to be drawn in, telling her he wasn’t going to discuss the Taylor testimony because he hadn’t actually heard it.
  • When Jackson kept pushing, Gaetz pointed out that a Ukrainian investigation had found evidence of “impermissible interference” by Ukraine in the 2016 election, and that that was good enough reason for the president to ask the country for legal cooperation.
  • At that point, Jackson said this was “not a proven theory” — and Gaetz demolished her.
  • “It was a court order in the Ukraine,” he told her. “You just keep blowing through these things like they’re facts but they’re not. Just stop mischaracterizing stuff. I have to fact check you in real-time.”
  • Liberal journalists have been flexing their political muscles recently, and they’ve gotten used to having a tame audience for their claims. They don’t expect conservatives to push back against their left-wing narrative. Hopefully, it will be a while before Hallie Jackson makes that mistake again.

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