MSM Takes on One of Its Own

Newsweek Takes on One of Its Own

The mainstream media’s love of fake news came back to bite it over the holiday, as Newsweek decided one of its reporters had gone too far in maligning President Trump (we are as shocked as you are!). Last Thursday morning, their website published an article titled “How Is Trump Spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, Golfing And More” — hours before it emerged that the president was actually in Afghanistan paying a Thanksgiving visit to our troops.

Writer Jessica Kwong, a political correspondent who specialized in covering the Trump administration, was responsible for the article — so when the truth came out, she was the one with egg on her face. By Friday, Newsweek had decided to let her go. A spokesman said:

“Newsweek investigated the failures that led to the publication of the inaccurate report that President Trump spent Thanksgiving tweeting and golfing rather than visiting troops in Afghanistan. The story has been corrected and a journalist responsible has been terminated.”

It looks like Kwong tried to save herself by tweeting a correction after she found out about the Afghanistan trip, but the backlash was too much for her bosses. President Trump had the last laugh, tweeting, “I thought Newsweek was out of business?”

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