MSM Controversy Over Trump’s UN Visit

MSM Controversy Over Trump's UN Visit

President Trump’s visit to the UN is just as expected as the mainstream media’s attempt to dishonestly portray him as a buffoon. The MSM frenzy is having a field day picking out quotes and video clips to criticize out of context. While fake news promotes its dishonest narratives, here are the real highlights of the UN summit.

  • President Trump called for an end to religious persecution across the world.
  • Trump tried to build a global coalition to contain Iran’s military prowess while France pushed back with their proposal to get Iran back in compliance with the nuclear deal.
  • A viral clip of Trump walking past 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg spread across social media.
  • MSM is spinning Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian president into another witch hunt over collusion.
  • UN council laughs at Trump for boasting about his administration’s accomplishments. Obviously, they simply don’t agree with Trump’s unorthodox solutions to global issues.

Here is the president pleading for religious tolerance.

The viral clip of Greta staring down Trump from the sidelines. Liberals are eating this up.

You can bet your last dollar that the MSM will make mountains out of molehills when it comes to these highlights. Stay tuned for our coverage of the real headlines as well as the MSM’s hysterical takes on Trump’s every word.

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