MSM Blows Task Force Rift Out of Proportion

MSM Blows Task Force Rift Out of Proportion

( – There’s bound to be some butting heads when putting together a team of any size. As such, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and President Trump don’t always see eye to eye. Of course, if you listen to the mainstream media, you’d swear they were at each other’s throats all day long.

Here are the facts. When Fauci wasn’t in a briefing on Monday evening, Trump was questioned about it. The POTUS said that he had just been with Fauci in a task force meeting for “a long time.” Fauci has also corrected the president in public on a few occasions; one being when they disagreed on how long it would take for a vaccine to become available.

When confronted by the media, Fauci pushed back on the perceived scale of such a divide.

Fauci has been given quite a bit of leeway because he’s been a presidential adviser since 1984, serving through numerous Democrat and Republican presidencies. You only last that long in Washington if you are good at your job.

Tensions are high around the world, and the task force is not immune. Trump and Fauci may not see eye-to-eye, and may even be at odds with each other in public now and then, but these are normal happenings when human beings work together. They are certainly not something the MSM needs to get all worked up over.

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