Mount Rushmore Shutdown Requested Over White Supremacy

Mount Rushmore Shutdown Requested Over White Supremacy

( – A new report has uncovered shocking links between Target and a far-left organization with a hardline anti-US agenda — including the idea Mount Rushmore should be closed. The report follows a recent controversy about the retailer’s range of Pride-themed clothing. Like many big corporations, it seems Target has let woke management grab the steering wheel — and now it’s paying the price.

In late May, Target faced a conservative backlash over its 2023 Pride range, which included transgender-friendly swimwear some critics said was targeted at children. In response, the chain backed down, moving Pride merchandise away from store entrances and pulling some items from sale.

However, its efforts to detoxify its brand could have hit a new roadblock after a Fox News investigation found Target’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) department has close links with a radical left-wing pressure group.

Fox discovered that Target’s nonprofit foundation — which is directed by company management — funded the NDN Collective in 2022. This “indigenous-led” group, based in South Dakota, is deeply involved in woke politics, and its main goal is to force the US government to turn over all public land in South Dakota, including Mount Rushmore, to indigenous people. The group describes Mount Rushmore as “an international symbol of white supremacy and colonization.”

The group is also running a campaign called LANDBACK, which calls for the defunding of the police, the entire criminal justice system, ICE (a strange target for an indigenous rights organization) and the “military-industrial complex.” NDN claims the US military grew out of “indiscriminate killings” of Native Americans and the recapture of escaped slaves and wants the US to be “demilitarized.” It also wants white parents to teach their children woke race politics.

According to Fox, Target’s DEI project picked up speed after the 2020 death of George Floyd and had quickly expanded into support for groups with radical political agendas. Some corporations have learned the hard way that bringing woke politics into their business can have repercussions; Target is still reeling from the Pride boycott, and these latest revelations could hurt it even more.

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