More Conservatives Are Moving to Conservative States During Pandemic

More Conservatives Are Moving to Conservative States During Pandemic

( – Transport specialist U-Haul has released its annual migration report, which tracks precisely where Americans are hauling their belongings – and it makes depressing reading for Democrat-run states. Faced with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, it turns out people prefer to live in red states. Who knew?

Around 75% of all US moves are do-it-yourself ones, and U-Haul has the largest hire fleet and therefore the most data on the subject. The 2020 migration report shows that all 30 of the nation’s largest metro areas had more trucks heading out than in, with Democrat-run New York City and the San Francisco Bay area seeing the biggest losses, but the real trend was the exodus from blue to red states.

The heaviest loser was California, currently being economically blighted by the insane COVID policies of Governor Gavin Newsom (D). GOP-run Florida and Texas made it into the top three destinations for interstate migrants. But the #1 spot was taken by Tennessee.

U-Haul credits this to Southern hospitality, outdoor sports and relaxed zoning laws, but it’s probably no coincidence that the Volunteer State has a Republican governor, two Republican US senators and seven Republicans out of nine US representatives. Too many people vote for Democrats, but smart Americans don’t want to be governed by them.

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