More Attempts to Unite the Fractured Left

More Attempts to Unite the Fractured Left

( – All throughout the 2020 DNC presidential primary race there has been considerable division between Democrats. After Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) dropped out, the chasm between moderate and progressive Democrats only grew. Sanders is attempting to mend the wound by calling for the delegates he won to sign a pledge asking for them to cease openly attacking Joe Biden.

Biden is the presumptive nominee, although nothing is confirmed yet. With the sexual assault allegations against him and the Left’s general critiques of the former vice president, it’s safe to say Biden isn’t a strong candidate. He’s certainly not popular with many elements of the left, and it’s really showing.

At this rate, the fracturing of the Democratic party might have caused too much damage. Although Bernie and others are attempting to reunite the left under a single movement, it’s seeming more and more like these attempts are too little, too late as November approaches.


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