Monumental Scandal Set to Rock the World

( – Public interest in government involvement in UFOs peaked after a 2017 news report revealed that the Pentagon had been studying them. Under mounting pressure for congressional oversight, the Defense Department approved the creation of an official task force to study the phenomenon in August 2020. US Air Force officer and former intelligence official David Grusch subsequently filed several whistleblower complaints beginning in 2021 regarding classified information he claimed proved the US government and allies had recovered whole and partially intact non-human space vehicles. On July 26, he testified before the House, potentially triggering a monumental scandal that could rock the world.

On August 4, The Hill published an opinion piece discussing the possible ramifications of Grusch’s claims written by Marik von Rennenkampff, a former Pentagon advance officer and State Department analyst.

The former Obama administration official speculated that the decades-long drama involving the government’s actions involving UFOs (now often called Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena or UAP) was headed towards one of two inevitable conclusions.

According to Rennenkampff, on the one hand, US officials “mounted an extraordinary… coverup” of its role in retrieving those flying objects and “reverse-engineering” their technology. On the other, certain elements of the country’s intelligence and defense services were “engaging in a staggeringly brazen” disinformation and psychological warfare (PSYOP) campaign. He dismissed a third possibility, that scores of high-ranking government officials with top security clearances somehow came to believe in the veracity of “enduring” speculation, rumors, and myths surrounding UFOs.

Rennenkampff also wrote that either possible outcome would have “profound implications” on American democracy, the government’s role, and perhaps even “humanity’s place in the cosmos.” He warned that it was “imperative” that federal law enforcement agencies and Congress devote significant time and resources to uncovering “UFO-related developments.”

The remainder of the op-ed discussed some of Grusch’s recent claims. For instance, he pointed to the former intelligence officer’s allegations that the government had secretively run a long-standing operation to identify and locate UFO crash sites and retrieve materials to study their technology to garner national defense advantages. He also cited revelations from the science and defense website The Debrief that the inspector general found one of his complaints “credible and urgent” in 2022.

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