Mob Released Without Bail After Attacking NYPD Cops

( – One of the lessons that Americans should have learned over the past four years is that President Joe Biden and his administration have allowed a flood of illegal aliens, sex traffickers, and dangerous drugs like fentanyl to pour over the southern border unimpeded. In fact, given the video of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents allegedly cutting concertina wire near Eagle Pass, Texas, and pulling people up the bank of the Rio Grande River, one might say they were even ushered into the country.

The effects of this open border policy are not just hypothetical or hyperbole put forth as conspiracy theories by the political Right, they are very real, and a recent deplorable event was caught on video.

Protectors Unprotected

On the evening of January 27, a camera caught an NYPD officer and a lieutenant (both unnamed) trying to clear a Times Square sidewalk of several young adult alleged asylum-seekers loitering outside one of the shelters set up for them in the city. The two policemen are then seen attempting to subdue one of the group wearing a bright yellow top, and once they brought him to the ground, the melee began.


The companions of Mr. Yellow Jacket are soon seen rushing in and attempting to pull one of the officers away as well as throwing punches and kicks at the lawmen. The “cowards” (as NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell labeled them) then proceeded to do what their ilk does so well, they ran away as fast as they could.

However, the NYPD quickly tracked down four individuals (a fifth person was later arrested) that they believed were part of the attack on the patrolman and the lieutenant. After being booked, they were sent to court or their arraignments, and the judge there proceeded to give the officers a verbal slap to the face.

The initial four suspects were all sent back onto the streets without any bail being required, the response of the reportedly George Soros PAC-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr. was a generic statement claiming the investigation is still underway, according to the New York Post.

Yorman Reveron was named as one of the alleged attackers and he was out on the streets for the third time after being accused of robbery on November 30, and assault on December 20. In baseball three strikes is an out — apparently, it is not the case in the New York City criminal justice system.

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