Mitt Romney Will Vote AGAINST Trump Nominee In Senate – Sides With Democrats

Mitt Romney Stuns U.S. Senate - Sick Decision Confirmed…

( – Senator Mitt Romney just made the decision to sabotage Donald Trump’s nominee on purpose — with little warning.

According to a sickening report by The Hill, Romney’s tried to torpedo the nomination of Donald Trump’s Federal Reserve nominee, Judy Shelton, in a disturbing victory for Democrats. In what appears to be a random act of revenge against Trump, he’s the only Republican senator to side against Trump’s nominee.

Romney Sabotages Trump Nominee

Once again, it appears Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) is preparing to break away from President Donald Trump — and his other GOP senators. In this case, it relates to the president’s choice for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board: Judy Shelton. Other than his disdain for the man in the White House, there doesn’t seem to be a concrete reason to invalidate the nomination.

Romney is the only Republican senator who’s publicly declared his opposition to her appointment. Fortunately, his vote alone is not enough to sink her nomination, but it’s another brick in the anti-Trump path he’s been paving since early 2016.

Romney Is Fighting Against the GOP

One of those first paving stones came as it was becoming clear that the New York business tycoon and his message were connecting with the Conservatives casting votes in the primary election. On March 3, 2016, the erstwhile presidential candidate delivered a speech not to praise any candidate, but to bury one [sincerest apologies to William Shakespeare].

In his address, Romney was — less than flattering of Donald Trump — and in reality, he could have just titled it “ANYBODY but Him… Please!” While he was speaking, he gazed into his crystal ball and made several dire predictions like the American economy would suffer a huge downturn (that makes one wonder what he thought the prior eight years were under Barack Obama’s administration), and that his foreign policy positions with China and ISIS would be disastrous.

Then, there was the sham of the Democratic Party’s attempted coup d’état they labeled “impeachment.” Before the Senate voted on whether or not to convict the president, any so-called evidence of the wrongdoing they’d alleged had been debunked. Yet, Romney became the sole Republican to vote to convict.

The coronavirus pandemic that has the United States firmly by the throat has shown us the Progressive Liberals are intent on using it to reshape the country into a Socialist/Communist “utopia.” The senator from Utah has aligned himself with none other than the left-Fascist AOC, aka Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), on issues like a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for all Americans, even those who are unemployed by choice.

Short of flying a Hammer-and-Sickle flag in front of his house, he’d be hard-pressed to indicate just how far away from Conservative values he has drifted. To be sure, a person’s right to their own political views haven’t yet been quashed by AOC and her ilk, but a man with any shred of integrity would make sure that would follow his name.

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